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Mesh-Specs Mesh-Specs Mesh-Specs
Brand: Rockcroft
Product Code: Mesh Spec
Availability: In Stock
Price: £9.99
Ex Vat: £8.33

Mesh-Specs, spectacle style mesh eye protection, have a polycarbonate frame with a stainless steel mesh. Close fitting for added protection. Due to their design, should you wear glasses for work, depending of the spectacle design, it is possible that the Mesh Specs will fit over these and provide adequate protection. Unfortunately, your glasses may still mist up! These mesh safety glasses are ideal for a variety of applications, including; chainsaw work, hedge trimming, etc.

Mesh-Specs are designed, manufactured and independently tested and certified to EN1731:2006.  The product is impact rated at 45m/s and are marked "F".

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